Your future is a piece of cake

by nineteenjuices

I was born in 1952 my crib was wooden with slats that were un-safely spaced and no side bumper pads. My stroller was metal with a wooden seat. There were no child proof locks.The electrical outlets had no safety plugs. My bottles were glass with rubber nipples. My diapers were cloth and held together with safety pins that were sharp and easily popped open. There were no vaccines for mumps, chicken pocks, measles, or flu. Cereal and Cracker Jacks came with toys that were choking Hazards. My toys were metals that rusted and had sharp edges & wooden toys with lead paint. At school we drank from a water fountain with lead pipes.We played at recess no mater what temperature twice a day. In science class we played with mercury and magnets. Our gym teacher and classmates watched us shower after class 3 times a week. We drank non-pasteurized apple cider.We drove cars with no seat belts, no airbags, no ABS breaks,  the dashboards were painted metal. We learned to survive, and work with what we had. We learned to use our imaginations, and to become creative . We learned to use our intuition in making decisions. We learned if you made the wrong decision there were consequences. We learned that if we didn’t know the answer to go to someone who did and ask.  We learned persistence lead to accomplishment. If you take those same principles and apply them to your goals you can’t help but succeed.