If not for the poop I’d have never found the rose

by nineteenjuices

One of the people I have most admired in my life was Leo Buscaglia. Before he passed away Leo shared a story that was burned into my memory.  He told of how he had purchased a home on a large area of land. He would daily let his dog out to do its business. The dog would find new and different places to hide its little presents.  Every Saturday they would play a game called find the poop. Leo said as the dog got closer to each hiding place he would get more and more excited, wagging his tail barking and jumping up and down. On one particular Saturday the game led  Leo and the dog back to a far corner and behind some bushes to his astonishment he found a small rose bush with a beautiful red rose. He was surprised at his find and realized it was not visible from anywhere in the yard. He said then it hit me if not for the poop I’d have never found the rose. Sometimes we get so use to the same day to day decisions we forget to stop and try looking for possibilities. If we just look at things from a little different prospective or address them in a different manner. We may find the rose has been there all along we just had to look for the poop to find it.