Create your label

by nineteenjuices

Create your label and display it with pride. My Uncle John had a Philco black and white television he bought in the early 1950’s in 1972 he finally gave it away! It still worked but he finally gave in and bought a Sears color TV.  My grandma Such passed away in 2004 there was a Maytag wringer washer in her basement she bought in 1945 and it still worked. There is a 1950’s era electric sewing machine in my mothers house that works as well as it did the day she bought it. I have a 1966 Buick Lasabre it was my grandfathers. My point is back in the 50’s and prior to that people took pride in the products or services they provided. Products were built to last and give you value for your dollar. If your television stopped working you called a repairman that came that day or evening and for a reasonable price repaired it. Today that lonely repairman isn’t lonely because his products are so good, it’s because people can’t afford his repair charges. It’s less expensive to replace it.  Products are built to last only a short time and be disposed of its called planned obsolescence. People have become accustomed to products with low quality and short product life. It’s up to you to change the tide and take pride in the product or service you provide. You need to develop your own brand and label. A label you can be proud of and then people will associate your name with quality products and services. Be proud of what you do and create and it will show in your business and its development. Don’t give people what they’ve grown to expect give them what they deserve. High quality, long lasting products that are able to stand the test of time. If you provide a service make sure the customer is happy with the service you provided. There is nothing that can compete with word of mouth advertising. Social media is exactly that one person telling others of their experiences good or bad with a product or service. The right endorsement on Facebook or Twitter can put you in front of hundreds even thousands of potential customers. So start working on that label today. Tomorrow you could go viral.