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Month: November, 2012

Things I learned camping Part #2

From weekend camping I learned a lot about building long term relationships. Here are just a few of the things I learned. They led to relationships that have lasted over 30 years.

I learned helping the good-looking young blonde girl across the road in a Bikini wash her car during your wife’s family re-union is not a good idea.

I learned getting together with a bunch of 40 something other fathers around a campfire after a few beers and challenging your teenage sons to a tackle football game is not a great idea.

I learned Winning a tackle football game against a bunch of kids ½ your age feels great.

I learned 40 something men that play football with their sons find out the next day why they shouldn’t

I learned spending a quite night around a campfire with family and friends can make memories that can last a lifetime.

Every fall we’d pick a weekend our neighbor had a huge cast iron pot he bought at an auction looked like a witches cauldron we’d each bring several lbs. of meat, fresh and canned vegetables we’d dump it all in the pot early morning over a wooden fire. We’d stir and cook it all day and all sit around and eat together around 6:00 that night for some reason it always turned out to be one of the best meals you ever ate.

I learned that when you have a group of good people pull together and each donates something to the pot that they have to offer the outcome of the combined effort can be terrffic.


LIfe lessons from unexpected places part 1

A thing as simple as Camping can Change your Life . A few years ago when my kids were young my wife and I decided that going camping might be a great way to get them out of the city and a great way to spend a couple weekends as a family. We bought a tent and some supplies and headed out for the great outdoors. We arrived at a new campground that just opened. We got out our tent.We found to our  dismay the  instructions furnished were not  in English. No problem how hard could it be? Several hours later and with the help of a few good people who had tent experience our tent was up. We spent our 1st night sleeping in sleeping bags on the ground. The next morning we awoke cold and stiff and ready to pack up and leave. But we didn’t we spent the next 2 days enjoying campfires, hot dogs, new friends, and relaxing and we were hooked. The next thing you know we had a new 33-foot trailer, on a permanent lot, with a deck and firepit. It was one of the best decisions of my life! I met a man across the road from us his name was Gino. Gino was a great guy he just retired from working at the Ford motor company. If you needed anything needed to be repaired or installed on your truck, car, golf cart, or camper Gino was your guy. Gino taught me how to repair cracked plastic with a soldering gun, he taught me how to make airplanes out of beer cans, how to make decorative outside light globes out of clear plastic glasses and Christmas tree lights. We affectionately called them Gino’s balls at night we’d look at all the campsites brightened by Gino’s  ideas. He taught me you could repair darn near anything with JB weld and Duct tape. What he taught me Most was that if you are willing to help people and share your knowledge they will never forget you. Ask anyone from the campground Gino has been gone for years . He was taken too young with cancer but just mention his name and watch their faces light up and the stories start to flow.

3 ways to overcome adversity and make a negative situation have positive results

3.ways to overcome adversity and make a negative situation positive

#1 stay positive. It’s amazing what a positive attitude and prospective can do to improves your overall situation. The little engine that could is not just a children’s story. 1st plan a goal then write it down with a date that you plan to complete. Then daily use a positive attitude and steps to reach its completion.

#2 be consistent despite circumstances. Once you start trying to achieve a goal don’t stop be consistent despite circumstances. It is easy to get off track and blame it on the circumstances life may throw at you.  Weather, illness, lack of time, low income, etc. may all produce excuses to put off till tomorrow what needs to be done today. A lack of consistency in pursuing your goals leads to lack of achieving them in a timely fashion.

#3 Persevere. They said it couldn’t be done. Without perseverance most the principals and inventions that have changed the course of humanity would not had been achieved.

I am an entrepreneur that has owned and helped develop many businesses and organizations. I tend to shoot first then aim. I am goal oriented and need to see them through to completion in as little time as possible then move on to the next.  I can find a way around over or under any wall that blocks my path and if I can’t I guess we have to plow through it. If you’d like to contact me my email address is nineteenjuices @

I also have a Facebook page George Bickis and can be followed on Twitter.

6 ways to spot a potential entrepeneur.

If your wondering if it’s time to step out and take a risk at starting a business or looking for others that are good potential entrepreneurs. Here are 6 good ways to find that person. The primary reason to take the gamble is if the job you currently have is less than gratifying. There are 6 good reasons for a person to look for a new job. #1 low pay.If the pay you are receiving is just enough to keep you in your current life style or pay the bills, it’s probably time to investigate alternative ways to finance your dreams or passions. #2 if you find your work boring you need to move on to a job that can be exciting and mentally stimulating. #3 No job is completely stress free, but you can eliminate a large amount of stress form your life by having a job that you enjoy. A job where you reap the benefits of your labor and that can offer flexible working hours can eliminate a tremendous amount of stress and add years to your life. An entrepreneur can work when he wants. #4 Is your job challenging. We all need a challenge we need to be able to set and meet goals in our lives and at the workplace. #5 are the people you work with people you’d choose to work with? If you dread going to work daily because you have to work with people you dislike you need to change your situation. An entrepreneur can work with whomever he/she likes.  Do you like where you work?  Is your office / cubical/ workstation where you would like it to be? An entrepreneur can work where he wants. If your or your potential entrepreneur’s answer to these questions reflect a need for a change then you are a good prospect to make a move into starting your own business. I’ve had 40 years of expertise in building business’s from the ground up. I’ve developed expertise in the areas of cash flow, motivation, marketing and product development. I have several patents.  Contact me at.

You can’t win the game if you don’t know the score

Promoting your product or service is a game you have to win. You can’t win this game if you don’t know the score. Watch any sports event and it doesn’t take long till you see the coaches and players looking up at the scoreboard. It’s impossible for them to analyze what they need to be doing without knowing what the score is. Successfully running any business also relies on knowing what the score is. Many business people take the attitude that they don’t care what the competition does. They feel as long as they offer a quality product at a reasonable price there is no need to worry about XYZ Company. While that is a nice philosophy nothing could be farther from the truth. Knowing your competition is the key to beating your competition. You need to know his strengths and weaknesses.You need to know how he thinks and reacts and where his bottom line is when you are price competing for like products.  This is what can put you over the edge in that next contract negotiation. Watch for his advertising and web site. Go to his suppliers web sites and learn about the products that they have to offer and how they differ from yours. Talk to his customers see if they’ll tell you what they like about his company and products and what they don’t like. Attend networking events and other events where your competition will be and see what they have to say and who they talk to. The more knowledge you obtain on your competition the better. It’s like having a copy of the other teams playbook. You can call the plays in advance and have a pre-planned defense in play.

Sales tip leave them wanting more

Sometimes in the sales game less is more. Don’t try to compress all the benefits
of your products and services into a ten second presentation. Tell your prospective customer a basic bit of information about yourself, your company, and why you feel you
offer a service to him. Then take a breath and ask a question. Like does my service sound interesting to you?  Listen to his response and follow up with another question. Just what would you like to see me offer you to help with your current needs? Listen to his answer
then respond. If that would be possible would this product or service be of considerable value to you. If the answer is yes then proceed to explain how you will achieve that goal.
Ask does this sound like a reasonable answer to you problem? Listen if it does it’s time to close with a very simple question. When do we start?  Many times we talk ourselves out of a deal by simply talking too much. We deliver information than the customer want or need. We can even accidentally bring up a problem that doesn’t exist and create new questions that didn’t need to be answered. Remember the old Henry Ford Motto KISS keep it simple stupid. Keep your presentation short and to the point answering the questions the prospective client want’s to have answered. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Sales 101 persistance

Sales 101  Persistance Everyone has a Harry When I was just starting out in sales at age 18 I called on the purchasing agent at a large local company . I presented my card gave my elevator speech on the benefits of my product and  services and awaited a reply . Boy did I get one I quote “ I ‘m happy with my supplier get out!” After that most would be discouraged but I was young and determined so 1 month later I was back gave my card to the receptionist and to my surprise escorted to Harry’s Office. I handed him My card did my little speech and again was told I’m happy with my supplier get out. Confused as to why he saw me and determined even more than ever the game was afoot. Once a month every month we’d dance our little dance. Every month Harry would see me then throw me out. This continued for over a year and I actually grew to believe Harry was enjoying it. So  one very hot August afternoon after a terrible day one the road at 4:30 pm on my way back to my office . I thought to my self I’m going to stop by and make Harry’s day and let him throw me out ! I gave my Card to his receptionist she escorted me back . Before I could say a word Harry looked up with a smile on his face. I had never seen him smile , and said your just who I wanted to see. After I composed my self I said me?  He said yes and proceeded to ask how long it would take me to get the largest order I’d ever written to that point delivered. To which I responded tomorrow he called in his secretary and proceeded to give me that order. No one needed to tell me to get out this time . I was out of there like a shot. I was  afraid he’d change his mind . I  kept that account for 7 years until Harry retired and they decided not to replace him but to do all purchasing through corporateMore Harry everyone has a different image of service: Once I got Harry’s Business I was thrilled and determined to keep him happy and be the Best Sales/customer service representitive He’d  ever seen so once a week I’d stop by to see if everything was ok. Harry saw me and would say everything is fine. On the 4th call once again Harry before I  could say anything looked up from his desk and said  “ everything is fine , your product is great. Stop coming in when and if I need you  for anything I’ll call you. As long as you don’t hear from me were good. I stopped calling on Harry .Harry tought me as well to not let your customers down 4 years in our relationship as supplier and customer at  8:00 in the morning my office phone rang. I  was there and had not left for the days calls on clients. On the other end  of the phone I heard a voice that said this is Harry I need you down here now. The phone went dead. I ran to my car and drove straight to Harry’s Office breaking a few traffic laws on the way. When I entered his office Harry said George I want you to meet  my corporate purchasing Manager and the repesentative from  a national company that supplies your product to all our other plants across the country. They were asking me why I refuse to buy my product through corporate on a national contract. He then looked at his watch and said I called George and told him I had a problem and needed him here 7 minutes later he was standing here. Can you do that? He smiled at me and said you can go. You need your customer to have and expect that kind of service from you.