Sales 101 persistance

by nineteenjuices

Sales 101  Persistance Everyone has a Harry When I was just starting out in sales at age 18 I called on the purchasing agent at a large local company . I presented my card gave my elevator speech on the benefits of my product and  services and awaited a reply . Boy did I get one I quote “ I ‘m happy with my supplier get out!” After that most would be discouraged but I was young and determined so 1 month later I was back gave my card to the receptionist and to my surprise escorted to Harry’s Office. I handed him My card did my little speech and again was told I’m happy with my supplier get out. Confused as to why he saw me and determined even more than ever the game was afoot. Once a month every month we’d dance our little dance. Every month Harry would see me then throw me out. This continued for over a year and I actually grew to believe Harry was enjoying it. So  one very hot August afternoon after a terrible day one the road at 4:30 pm on my way back to my office . I thought to my self I’m going to stop by and make Harry’s day and let him throw me out ! I gave my Card to his receptionist she escorted me back . Before I could say a word Harry looked up with a smile on his face. I had never seen him smile , and said your just who I wanted to see. After I composed my self I said me?  He said yes and proceeded to ask how long it would take me to get the largest order I’d ever written to that point delivered. To which I responded tomorrow he called in his secretary and proceeded to give me that order. No one needed to tell me to get out this time . I was out of there like a shot. I was  afraid he’d change his mind . I  kept that account for 7 years until Harry retired and they decided not to replace him but to do all purchasing through corporateMore Harry everyone has a different image of service: Once I got Harry’s Business I was thrilled and determined to keep him happy and be the Best Sales/customer service representitive He’d  ever seen so once a week I’d stop by to see if everything was ok. Harry saw me and would say everything is fine. On the 4th call once again Harry before I  could say anything looked up from his desk and said  “ everything is fine , your product is great. Stop coming in when and if I need you  for anything I’ll call you. As long as you don’t hear from me were good. I stopped calling on Harry .Harry tought me as well to not let your customers down 4 years in our relationship as supplier and customer at  8:00 in the morning my office phone rang. I  was there and had not left for the days calls on clients. On the other end  of the phone I heard a voice that said this is Harry I need you down here now. The phone went dead. I ran to my car and drove straight to Harry’s Office breaking a few traffic laws on the way. When I entered his office Harry said George I want you to meet  my corporate purchasing Manager and the repesentative from  a national company that supplies your product to all our other plants across the country. They were asking me why I refuse to buy my product through corporate on a national contract. He then looked at his watch and said I called George and told him I had a problem and needed him here 7 minutes later he was standing here. Can you do that? He smiled at me and said you can go. You need your customer to have and expect that kind of service from you.