Sales tip leave them wanting more

by nineteenjuices

Sometimes in the sales game less is more. Don’t try to compress all the benefits
of your products and services into a ten second presentation. Tell your prospective customer a basic bit of information about yourself, your company, and why you feel you
offer a service to him. Then take a breath and ask a question. Like does my service sound interesting to you?  Listen to his response and follow up with another question. Just what would you like to see me offer you to help with your current needs? Listen to his answer
then respond. If that would be possible would this product or service be of considerable value to you. If the answer is yes then proceed to explain how you will achieve that goal.
Ask does this sound like a reasonable answer to you problem? Listen if it does it’s time to close with a very simple question. When do we start?  Many times we talk ourselves out of a deal by simply talking too much. We deliver information than the customer want or need. We can even accidentally bring up a problem that doesn’t exist and create new questions that didn’t need to be answered. Remember the old Henry Ford Motto KISS keep it simple stupid. Keep your presentation short and to the point answering the questions the prospective client want’s to have answered. You’ll be amazed at the results.