3 ways to overcome adversity and make a negative situation have positive results

by nineteenjuices

3.ways to overcome adversity and make a negative situation positive

#1 stay positive. It’s amazing what a positive attitude and prospective can do to improves your overall situation. The little engine that could is not just a children’s story. 1st plan a goal then write it down with a date that you plan to complete. Then daily use a positive attitude and steps to reach its completion.

#2 be consistent despite circumstances. Once you start trying to achieve a goal don’t stop be consistent despite circumstances. It is easy to get off track and blame it on the circumstances life may throw at you.  Weather, illness, lack of time, low income, etc. may all produce excuses to put off till tomorrow what needs to be done today. A lack of consistency in pursuing your goals leads to lack of achieving them in a timely fashion.

#3 Persevere. They said it couldn’t be done. Without perseverance most the principals and inventions that have changed the course of humanity would not had been achieved.

I am an entrepreneur that has owned and helped develop many businesses and organizations. I tend to shoot first then aim. I am goal oriented and need to see them through to completion in as little time as possible then move on to the next.  I can find a way around over or under any wall that blocks my path and if I can’t I guess we have to plow through it. If you’d like to contact me my email address is nineteenjuices @ yahoo.com.

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