Things I learned camping Part #2

by nineteenjuices

From weekend camping I learned a lot about building long term relationships. Here are just a few of the things I learned. They led to relationships that have lasted over 30 years.

I learned helping the good-looking young blonde girl across the road in a Bikini wash her car during your wife’s family re-union is not a good idea.

I learned getting together with a bunch of 40 something other fathers around a campfire after a few beers and challenging your teenage sons to a tackle football game is not a great idea.

I learned Winning a tackle football game against a bunch of kids ½ your age feels great.

I learned 40 something men that play football with their sons find out the next day why they shouldn’t

I learned spending a quite night around a campfire with family and friends can make memories that can last a lifetime.

Every fall we’d pick a weekend our neighbor had a huge cast iron pot he bought at an auction looked like a witches cauldron we’d each bring several lbs. of meat, fresh and canned vegetables we’d dump it all in the pot early morning over a wooden fire. We’d stir and cook it all day and all sit around and eat together around 6:00 that night for some reason it always turned out to be one of the best meals you ever ate.

I learned that when you have a group of good people pull together and each donates something to the pot that they have to offer the outcome of the combined effort can be terrffic.