Lessons Learned

by nineteenjuices

Let’s be Frank.

My Father and Uncle Owned the Cameo Grill in Massillon Ohio the 1st 18 years of my life. He had a lot of memorable people that came in some successful some not so successful by normal standards. One of the people that fell in that second category was a Czechoslovakian immigrant named Frank. He had no job, no money, and no relatives. He was an alcoholic in his 70-80’s who lived in a run down “hotel” there was a bed, a night table and a radiator. When it was cold and windy the snow would come in through the cracks around the window. Frank would get some kind of check at the beginning of the month. By the 15th of the month he was penniless. In exchange for food and drink he’d do small jobs for my dad sweep, mop, and stock the beer cooler or wash dishes. Frank had nothing but his pride and self respect and boy did he have those. It could literally be –20 outside and Frank would walk approx. ¾ of a mile to the bar. My dad would get him a hot breakfast and cup of coffee to warm up. Even though he was half frozen he’d look at my dad and say I haven’t earned it as soon as I get done with my work I’ll eat. No matter how my dad protested nothing was touched until he’d done some kind of work. I learned from Frank that even if people consider you a failure. You can still have pride in yourself and your accomplishments no matter how small. I also learned motivation and drive comes from within a person and does not always have to be attached to wages and material gains.