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A different way to look at your current situation

Your situation could be worse. If you ever feel your life or business is or personal life is not what you’d like it to be go spend a day at your local Dialysis and Chemotherapy clinic. My dad was on Dialysis for 2 years before he passed away and my mother in law was on Chemotherapy. They were violently ill but kept positive attitudes till the end. My fathers biggest concern was that we had to arrange our personal lives around his treatment. People would get to know each other and of their family members during the long painful treatments. There was no possibility of a cure for most. But you saw a spark of determination in each and every one of them. They would try to keep each other’s spirits up and console each other when someone passed away. There was a determination to make what they could out of each day and plan for the best tomorrow they could. The positive attitude they maintained kept them going. While their was little to look forward they set daily goals and strived to achieve them. We all need to take a lesson from them. Look for the positive opportunities life extends to us no matter how insignificant they seem. Count your blessings and appreciate what you have and the possibility you have for a better tomorrow. You have that possibility .There are many that don’t.  Set those goals and start making those dreams a reality today. Who knows what tomorrow has to offer.


Lessons Learned

Let’s be Frank.

My Father and Uncle Owned the Cameo Grill in Massillon Ohio the 1st 18 years of my life. He had a lot of memorable people that came in some successful some not so successful by normal standards. One of the people that fell in that second category was a Czechoslovakian immigrant named Frank. He had no job, no money, and no relatives. He was an alcoholic in his 70-80’s who lived in a run down “hotel” there was a bed, a night table and a radiator. When it was cold and windy the snow would come in through the cracks around the window. Frank would get some kind of check at the beginning of the month. By the 15th of the month he was penniless. In exchange for food and drink he’d do small jobs for my dad sweep, mop, and stock the beer cooler or wash dishes. Frank had nothing but his pride and self respect and boy did he have those. It could literally be –20 outside and Frank would walk approx. ¾ of a mile to the bar. My dad would get him a hot breakfast and cup of coffee to warm up. Even though he was half frozen he’d look at my dad and say I haven’t earned it as soon as I get done with my work I’ll eat. No matter how my dad protested nothing was touched until he’d done some kind of work. I learned from Frank that even if people consider you a failure. You can still have pride in yourself and your accomplishments no matter how small. I also learned motivation and drive comes from within a person and does not always have to be attached to wages and material gains.

Things I learned camping Part #2

From weekend camping I learned a lot about building long term relationships. Here are just a few of the things I learned. They led to relationships that have lasted over 30 years.

I learned helping the good-looking young blonde girl across the road in a Bikini wash her car during your wife’s family re-union is not a good idea.

I learned getting together with a bunch of 40 something other fathers around a campfire after a few beers and challenging your teenage sons to a tackle football game is not a great idea.

I learned Winning a tackle football game against a bunch of kids ½ your age feels great.

I learned 40 something men that play football with their sons find out the next day why they shouldn’t

I learned spending a quite night around a campfire with family and friends can make memories that can last a lifetime.

Every fall we’d pick a weekend our neighbor had a huge cast iron pot he bought at an auction looked like a witches cauldron we’d each bring several lbs. of meat, fresh and canned vegetables we’d dump it all in the pot early morning over a wooden fire. We’d stir and cook it all day and all sit around and eat together around 6:00 that night for some reason it always turned out to be one of the best meals you ever ate.

I learned that when you have a group of good people pull together and each donates something to the pot that they have to offer the outcome of the combined effort can be terrffic.

LIfe lessons from unexpected places part 1

A thing as simple as Camping can Change your Life . A few years ago when my kids were young my wife and I decided that going camping might be a great way to get them out of the city and a great way to spend a couple weekends as a family. We bought a tent and some supplies and headed out for the great outdoors. We arrived at a new campground that just opened. We got out our tent.We found to our  dismay the  instructions furnished were not  in English. No problem how hard could it be? Several hours later and with the help of a few good people who had tent experience our tent was up. We spent our 1st night sleeping in sleeping bags on the ground. The next morning we awoke cold and stiff and ready to pack up and leave. But we didn’t we spent the next 2 days enjoying campfires, hot dogs, new friends, and relaxing and we were hooked. The next thing you know we had a new 33-foot trailer, on a permanent lot, with a deck and firepit. It was one of the best decisions of my life! I met a man across the road from us his name was Gino. Gino was a great guy he just retired from working at the Ford motor company. If you needed anything needed to be repaired or installed on your truck, car, golf cart, or camper Gino was your guy. Gino taught me how to repair cracked plastic with a soldering gun, he taught me how to make airplanes out of beer cans, how to make decorative outside light globes out of clear plastic glasses and Christmas tree lights. We affectionately called them Gino’s balls at night we’d look at all the campsites brightened by Gino’s  ideas. He taught me you could repair darn near anything with JB weld and Duct tape. What he taught me Most was that if you are willing to help people and share your knowledge they will never forget you. Ask anyone from the campground Gino has been gone for years . He was taken too young with cancer but just mention his name and watch their faces light up and the stories start to flow.