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If your going to cross the falls on a tight rope don’t forget your pole

Recently I like millions of other people watched Nick Wallenda cross Niagara Falls on a tight rope. My first impression was he’s out of his mind and I walked away. I did however find myself coming back and watching to see if he was going to make it and
cheering him on. I was amazed the only complaint he had was that they made him wear
a safety harness. It seemed he wanted no part of anything or anyone that even slightly implied he wasn’t going to make it. You couldn’t help but realize that this man had everything necessary to be one of the greatest entrepreneurs of this century. He saw an opportunity and made a commitment to take advantage of it. He set the completion as his goal with a specified deadline date . He surrounded himself with a group of positive like thinkers that supported him. He ignored scores of people who advised him it couldn’t be done and that others had tried like ventures and failed. He devised a plan for his goal completion and then set forth to put all the necessary steps into motion. He had enough faith in himself to ignore tremendous odds that he would fail. But even with all that fortitude, commitment, skill and knowledge he realized he needed one more thing a pole. The pole served to provide balance. Balance that could not be achieved without it. We all need a pole to help balance our lives. Without balance we will sooner or later lean too far to one side or the other and we will fall from our tight rope. We need to find the balance between work, God, family and relaxation. Without that balance we will fall and crash on the rocks below as many before us have. The rocks at the bottom of the falls of great ideas are scattered with the bones of tight rope walkers that lost their balance. Set your goals and dreams and walk that rope great things wait on the other side but don’t forget your pole.


If not for the poop I’d have never found the rose

One of the people I have most admired in my life was Leo Buscaglia. Before he passed away Leo shared a story that was burned into my memory.  He told of how he had purchased a home on a large area of land. He would daily let his dog out to do its business. The dog would find new and different places to hide its little presents.  Every Saturday they would play a game called find the poop. Leo said as the dog got closer to each hiding place he would get more and more excited, wagging his tail barking and jumping up and down. On one particular Saturday the game led  Leo and the dog back to a far corner and behind some bushes to his astonishment he found a small rose bush with a beautiful red rose. He was surprised at his find and realized it was not visible from anywhere in the yard. He said then it hit me if not for the poop I’d have never found the rose. Sometimes we get so use to the same day to day decisions we forget to stop and try looking for possibilities. If we just look at things from a little different prospective or address them in a different manner. We may find the rose has been there all along we just had to look for the poop to find it.

Your future is a piece of cake

I was born in 1952 my crib was wooden with slats that were un-safely spaced and no side bumper pads. My stroller was metal with a wooden seat. There were no child proof locks.The electrical outlets had no safety plugs. My bottles were glass with rubber nipples. My diapers were cloth and held together with safety pins that were sharp and easily popped open. There were no vaccines for mumps, chicken pocks, measles, or flu. Cereal and Cracker Jacks came with toys that were choking Hazards. My toys were metals that rusted and had sharp edges & wooden toys with lead paint. At school we drank from a water fountain with lead pipes.We played at recess no mater what temperature twice a day. In science class we played with mercury and magnets. Our gym teacher and classmates watched us shower after class 3 times a week. We drank non-pasteurized apple cider.We drove cars with no seat belts, no airbags, no ABS breaks,  the dashboards were painted metal. We learned to survive, and work with what we had. We learned to use our imaginations, and to become creative . We learned to use our intuition in making decisions. We learned if you made the wrong decision there were consequences. We learned that if we didn’t know the answer to go to someone who did and ask.  We learned persistence lead to accomplishment. If you take those same principles and apply them to your goals you can’t help but succeed.

Did you ever fe…

Did you ever feel like pulling the trigger? Most of us at one time or another have been

presented with the opportunity to do something that could change our lives forever.

All we’d have to do is pull the trigger. Some of us have weighed the possibility and pulled the trigger and for the good or bad the change happened. Many of us hesitated

and didn’t and either regretted it or have spent years wondering how different our life

would be had we done it. You, believe it or not are at that point now. No matter who

you are or what your circumstances there is a way to improve your life, business, or financial situation out there. You may have already been introduced to it.  You may

need to do some investigation to find it. Even in this economy a new millionaire is created everyday. If you already know what it is your half way to your destination.

If you don’t find it then get together with whoever you need to help you make the most important decision of your life. Tell them you’ve made your decision and are taking your first step to changing your life. Your life will never be the same. I’ve had many successful entrepreneurs tell me they were sorry they didn’t, but have never been told I pulled the trigger and it created a successful business but it was the worst decision of my life.

Pull the trigger.

Post #1

Ok this is my first post to my Blog . Who am I and what I do. I’m a  successful entrepenuer . I believe in goal Setting and goal accomplishment. I enjoy success and helping others achieve success as well. I believe the things you belive and do in in your personal life affect your chances of success in your professional life.My goal of this blog is to inspire and help lead others to personal success in their personal and proffessional lives.